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Who is Tangentrider?
I am an early-50s Christian woman, born, raised, and living in Southern California, USA, who's working toward being a renaissance-woman. This quest results in a bit of topical tangentizing. I started blogging in 2002 in order to put my tangentized writings out there for dialogue and critique. Over the years, in an attempt to organize the tangents, I've started several different blogs. Laura's Writings is the most diverse, while the others are a bit more restrained in their variety.

Laura's Writings is a barely thematic journey though my tangentizing mental life. The most recent version of the main blog is a daily 25 word post, I which I distill an activity or topic from y day, usually linking to several sites and posts. The subjects vary as life varies. For example,
  • Building a Monkey Bar System--a continuing series of posts on educational psychology, systems science, ecclesiology, and spiritual formation.
  • PoliticsETC--a barely beginning series of posts applying whole-life theology to politics and related areas.
  • Emergent--a series of posts discussing and critiquing the emerging church/emergent church/missional church and related topics.
Who in the World Are We?--an ecclesiology blog
Stuff I've Read--book scans and some reviews

I've also self-published my Master of Theology thesis: An Articulation and Evaluation of an Emerging Church Ecclesiology.

Tangentrider on Twitter
Having barely dipped my toe in the Twitter-pool, the writings there have not yet solidified. The plan is to engage in conversation primarily on political conservatism (#TCOT), food, and good ale. Added to that, given my nom de plume, will be a healthy dose of randomness.

If you are not already doing so, follow me on Twitter and dialogue there.

I'm also active on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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