So, not so many days ago (June 8) I posted the first draft of my ministry philosophy. Now, not even a week later, issues have arisen that make me wonder if I fit where I am and whether a change is necessary. Not sure. No details yet. I am pummeled by a mixture of excitement, concern, and questions. Excitement about possibilities not otherwise available. Concern about the direction others might be taking. Questions about whether it is possible that I have been neglecting Spirit-prompts because of comfort and stability. Just around the corner is a major transition. In 186 days I will have an M.Div. and will be headed for a Th.M. So, maybe, despite my protestations to the Spirit, it is time to ponder who I am and why I am here. Don't know.

I see much possibility, but also much danger. I need wisdom. The thing will be fairly settled in the next few days, hopefully with wisdom and grace. If appropriate, I'll spill it then.

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  1. Interesting. I will pray for wisdom. Keep me posted.