EXEGETICAL APP--Epheisans 2:11-22


The point (as I see it today): The Messiah’s blood-accomplished work of horizontal and vertical reconciliation brings near the once-far Gentiles, creates one new humanity by reconciling Jews and Gentiles to God, and builds one new holy, worshiping people of God.

App One:
I am primarily a solitary ponderer and I wonder how much of this is personality and how much is brokenness. The ‘new humanity’ spoken of in this passage is one in relationship—reconciled with one another and with God. What does it look like to be a community ponderer rather than a solitary ponderer?

App Two:
The church has, I think, done a generally poor job of communicating the church as a people—a new humanity. This is especially true in the individualistic West. Our disconnectedness makes us more vulnerable to the world, the flesh, and the devil. What teachings and practices can be started to begin to remedy this condition?


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  1. Good post.

    Saw you over at Bolsinger's.

    The great bane of evangelical religion is its individualism. Finding Christian folk who want to live in community and be something for the world together is not at all an easy. The cares of this world and the delight in riches have choked out the evangelical witness.

    I look for a new day and a new beginning.