This is a shameless plug for a friend's CD: Armchair Empire. My favorites are Onion Skin and Armadillo Man. Mark Duvall--said friend--also happens to be the lead worshiper for TFB's early service (which I describe as "Intergenerational worship gathering with indy-folk-rockish music and good preaching" over at the TFB college eNews) and the leader of the worship band (in which I play guitar, etc.). It's honestly great stuff (and, no, I'm not getting a kickback :-).

You can get a copy of your very own at

Song List:
1. Onion Skin
2. Will I Turn?
3. Wire
4. Hideaway
5. Stronger
6. Armadillo Man
7. This Paradise
8. Rain Dances
9. Birthday
10. Not Alone
11. Just Perfect
12. Always Waiting
13. Didn't I?


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