I realized this morning that my OYB blogging here was likely to get me into a mode that could not be maintained once school starts on Jan 30. Comments here will be brief. Lengthier comments will probably be at the OYB Blog.

Genesis 8:1-10:32~Matthew 4:12-25~Psalm 4:1-8~Proverbs 1:20-23

  • Noah's nakedness and the subsequent curse echo the realized nakedness of the garden and the curses that followed.
  • God calls scruffy folks to be his followers.
  • God has chosen to be toward his people.
  • God calls his people to be toward him.

I am reminded of a high school camp speaker (back sometime around 1978) who spoke about a three-degree course correction. Small changes now can account for huge changes later. God is not asking me to be perfect overnight. He is asking be to correct my course, day by day, toward him. I will (and do) drift; it's the towardness that matters. It's the trusting him rather than myself. It's continually setting my heart on him.

OYB Blog: Jan 4


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