Exodus 21:22-23:13 ~ Matthew 24:1-28 ~ Psalm 29:1-11 ~ Proverbs 7:6-23

It always amazes me how many of the laws deal with justice and fairness. Now I am not one to go the other end of the pendulum swing and opt for social gospel, as if justice and fairness were the mission of the church. The mission of the church is expanding the kingdom and making disciples, but surely justice and fairness are part of the kingdom. They were certainly important enough to appear in many of God's laws for Israel. God has not changed. Many--maybe most--Evangelicals take the pendulum too far the other way and focus so much on maintaining doctrine and getting people into heaven that they have forgotten that God cares about justice and fairness. It is high time we fixed this.

OYB Blog: Feb 5


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