Back in 2004 I did some thinking on holiness and came up with a phrase:

Holiness is direction not destination.

I've been pondering this lately and have decided to add a word:

Holiness is direction not merely destination.

What I'm thinking here is process and person (not process and product). The process of holiness is a heart tended towards God: whether that tending is positive (as in praise or request) or negative (as in blame or demand). This is why David--murder, adulterer, and bad father--can be considered a holy man. His heart tended towards God.

Holiness is also destination, but that destination is not some product resulting from proper procedures and input. Holiness is a person... or persons, as the case may be. Holiness is the One toward whom our hearts are tended: the Triune God. Holiness is, in the end, our eternal face-to-face with Father, Son, and Spirit.


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