So, last night on the way home there I was on the bus, sandwiched between a woman talking entirely too loudly on her nextel phone--walkie talkie setting--and the abdomen of the guy who did not seem to realize that the "window" he stood next to was really a hole, while in the distance, the bus driver chewed gum tommy-gun style. I about lost it--though got it together before doing anything stupid--like yelling or hitting--on public transit. So, today I therapeutically blog some of my favorite pet least the ones I thought up today (I have LOTS of pet peeves):
  • Not pushing in a chair when you get up
  • Nextel phones
  • Walking two abreast on the sidewalk and neglecting to change to single file when encountering opposing traffic
  • Chewing gum while making the continuous, tommy-gun style popping sounds
  • Chewing anything with your mouth open—‘open’ meaning that one’s lips aren’t tightly together
  • Commercials with any sort of eating noises
  • Not knowing the difference between inside voice and outside voice
  • Asking, “What does this mean to you?” about Scripture
  • PowerPoint fill-ins
  • Leaving the drawer open
  • Not replacing the toilet paper
  • Curly-haired people who think straight hair is better
  • Straight-haired people who think curly hair is better
  • Doing silly things to one’s appearance in worship of youth (ladies, you really can be too mature for short skirts and, guys, we all know you’re bald. Get over it.)
  • Bus operators who stare blankly when you show your pass
So, if you know me and do


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