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This morning I finished the 3,788 word research paper on the ecclesiology of Stanley Hauerwas. I still have about 45 minutes of reading to do. Then I breath, sleep, and wait.

One regret: not starting the Th.M. in the fall so I could get the 'how to do Th.M. level research" class under my belt before beginning other stuff. Writing the two precises and the research paper has been more stressful than usual because the standards are higher and I do not have the entire tool set as of yet. This gets corrected in the fall.

One self-congratulation: deciding to do a weekly journal during the entirety of my Th.M. career. It's been only one term, but I am already convinced that weekly journaling on what one is learning is a crucial part of the process. I shall continue and I recommend it to all--regardless of what you are studying (even if it really is underwater basket weaving...)

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