1 John 2:15-17

“…in the process of remaining into eternity.”
1 John 2:17b LKS translation

However unlikely it is supposed to be (1 John 2:15), there are moments—sometimes several connected moments—when I love the world and its things, when the world, flesh, and eyes capture me and I following willingly or by habit.

Reading verse 17 I now wonder if I slip into a little bit of hell every time I do that. Please realize I am not questioning my salvation. God has me and he will never let me go. But I do wonder. Since doing the will of God is thrown alongside being in the process of remaining into eternity, do my moments of loving the world put a pause in that process?

God, I do not know. At least I know my being in the process of remaining is not as intentional as it should be. For that I declare my trust and ask for your help with my lack of trust.


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