2 Timothy 2:8-13

Paul knows who he is.
He knows who calls him.

He knows not in some intellectual way, but in the way of friends who can sit side by side on the porch for hours, not saying a word yet knowing the heart of the other. Paul knows Jesus out of the hours spend being with Jesus, talking, listening, resting, studying—in Word, in prayer, and in action.

That is what keeps him when the crap hits the fan. It is relationship connected to the TaNaKh (v8) and to practice (v9), not merely mystical, not merely intellectual, and not merely practical. Rather, it is a relationship of intellect, emotion, and volition. It is in balance.


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  1. We tend to look for endurance in the wrong places don't we? I never cease to be amazed that every command God gives us can only be accomplished from a deep-rooted relationship with Him. This shouldn't surprise me really, but it's so easy for us to get drawn into doing things in our own strength. God keeps reminding me at the moment that faith is peaceful (I think it says that "faith rests" somewhere in Hebrews?) and faith ONLY comes from meeting with Him.

    Thanks for reminding me that we don't endure because we determine to, but because we're with the One who endures forever.

  2. We do so wish to be God, but then that's how everything got muffed up in the first place (Gen 3). Honestly, I'm being a bit pummeled by the notion of rest right now...I think God must be making a point ;-)

  3. Why do you think God's talking about it to me too? ;-)

  4. ...could be something's happening...hmmmmm