“…Paul and Silas…having been commended by the brothers to the grace of God…Timothy…well spoken of by the brothers at Lystra and Iconium.”
Acts 15:40; 16:2

Could it be that the ministry of any one person or group within a local congregation is the ministry of that congregation? Assuming this is the case, the blessing and recommendation of the congregation are important for any ministry. We do not normally seek these, except in larger, more visible ministries (and sometimes, not even then). But they should be sought.

We are where we are, though, and we must travel on from here. So, what are some steps to take? Recruit by recommendation (Mark Yaconelli speaks of this in Contemplative Youth Ministry). Leverage the wisdom of the community by involving wise elders in selection before invitation.

Inside the college ministry, discover areas of ministry and bless these ministers publicly. Tell ministry stories—spoken, written, or visual.

We are in this together. This is not wishful thinking; it is a statement of fact. Since we are in this together, let us act like it. In a culture founded upon rugged individualism—I speak of the USA, etc—such things must be intentional. These intentional efforts will also be difficult, for sadly, there is much internal and external opposition to considering the needs of the other.

God, ministry is yours and it is ours. It is never mine. Confront me when I even begin to think such a thing.


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