"Everyone born of God does not do sin..."
1 John 3:9 lks

I was beginning to wax academic on this post. I decided against it. Instead, here is my reflection:

If I practice sin, then I may need to spend some time with God figuring out if I have really trusted him. If I sin, knowing it is wrong (yet feeling trapped, addicted, or snookered), then I need to spend time with God, agreeing with him that sin is sin. He cleans me up when I ‘fess up.

Either way, I need to spend time with God. This is where the remaining (emphasized in the previous two portions of this letter, 2:18-25 and 2:26-3:3) comes in. I must realize—continually and repeatedly—who I am and whose I am. I do this by listening to God (e.g., in the Bible), by speaking with God (e.g., in prayer), and by spending time with fellow God-followers (e.g., in worship and fellowship). When I practice these things, I put myself in a place where I can remain in him.

God, too often, I forget who I am and whose I am. Too often, I choose to do things that dishonor you. These things are sin. Thank you for cleaning me when I ‘fess up. Thank you for making it possible for me to obey the command to remain.

1 John 3:4-10


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