“Think over what I am saying,
for the Lord will give understanding in everything.”
2 Timothy 2:7 lks

I have been reading Guder’s Missional Church and two notions have struck me deeply. First, the church is a Missional community. Everything we are and do must focus on our mission [Tangent: What is our mission? More on that later...] Second, when we study Scripture—and this book camps on studying Scripture—we must do so with a Missional hermeneutic that asks (among other things), “How does this passage prepare us for mission?”

As I asked this question of today’s passage, I found the (tentative) answer clear and unclear:
Second Timothy 1:13-2:7 contains practices and illustrations that describe what it looks like to be a missionary who is not ashamed but suffers together.

This answer raised other questions:

There is more, I am sure. For now, I think it wise to obey the command in verse seven. It will be interesting to see what God brings up.

2 Timothy 1:13-2:7


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