Integrate: to bring together or incorporate (parts) into a whole.

Trust God.
Know the truth about Jesus.
Love God.
You are born of God.
Love your siblings.

John puts causal connections between these that very nearly act as equal signs. It is almost beyond what my bullet-point-brain can comprehend. Could it be that trusting God, knowing the truth, being God’s child, loving God, and loving one another are all features of an integrated whole?


So, when we know doctrine but do not love one another we are disintegrated. When we worship with genuine emotion but live lives of unholiness we are disintegrated. When we love one another but do not understand and trust that Jesus is the Son of God we are disintegrated.

I do not wish to give myself some sort of score, but I do wonder, what is my integration score? I do not think I would like the answer. But then, maybe the lengthening moments of integration are enough. Maybe they, even in their insufficiency, are pleasing to God.

God, I waffle. Thank you for growing me and improving my waffle-to-integration ratio. I will keep trusting for the lengthening moments.


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