1 John 5:13 lks
These things I wrote to you
—to the ones trusting in the name of the Son of God—
in order that you may know that you have life unending.

1 John 5:13-17

There is some uncertainty in my life right now. The causes are both internal and external, yet I know that my response to each is my responsibility.

Since I know that I have life unending, since I trust in the name of the Son of God, I bring my barely-defined angst before God, plop it down, confess that I cannot do what I cannot do, and ask for help. My decision, the action that I CAN do, is to keep being bold in God’s presence. I can choose to bring my angst, irritation, fear, confidence, whatever, to him. He will hear. Since he hears, he will answer. I can choose to pray life for those who do not follow God. I can choose to shine light on those who spread lies about Jesus and how to follow him. I can choose to speak the truth in a way that people can hear.


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