I don't know. I think my presuppositions regarding the universal effectiveness of duct tape cause me to seriously question the validity of this study.

Duct tape no magical cure for warts, study finds | Oddly Enough |

Duct tape does not work any better than doing nothing to cure warts in schoolchildren, Dutch researchers reported on Monday in a study that contradicts a popular theory about an easy way to get rid of the unattractive lumps.

NOTE: I've not actually gone off my rocker...close, but not totally off...I'm just seriously over-stressed.


  1. Giggle.

    We actually KNOW that they're right! Sue got a varuca on her foot last year (from swimming baths) and it didn't respond very well to treatment. Our G.P. actually suggested trying Duct Tape - it didn't work.

    I'm decreeing peace over your stress :-)

  2. I'm kinda sad...I mean, what other substance can be used to "fix" machinery AND graduation gowns?

    (the "graduation gown repair" happened last Dec at my graduation--on the way to the ceremony, the gown tore down the side...miracle duct tape to the rescue!)

    Even if it does not "work," you've gotta be impressed that DUCT TAPE was studied by medical science.