So, tonight in my absence (I've got a thankfully decreasing case of bronchitis)--unless otherwise decided by the powers that be--TNBS moves on to the next chunk in Amos: 3:1-4:13.

So, here's my two-cents:

Theological intent of the chunk (preliminary):
Deliverer-covenant-maker-Creator Yahweh's declaration of certain punishment against his chosen people Israel
...judges their multiplying social and religious transgressions and their refusal to respond to Yahweh's gracious repeated offer of opportunities for repentance.
I see three segments in the chunk:
  • 3:1-11 explains the function of prophets in this matter of divine justice
  • 3:12-4:5 expands upon the social and religious transgressions of Israel--another evidence report
  • 4:6-13 adds refusal to respond to repeated offers of grace, sealing the verdict of guilty
More later...


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