BIOLA HISTORY--it's good to look back

I've been working on a project at work that involved searching through years and years of catalogs. The oldest one I've had access to is from 1916 (8 years after Biola's birth). The stated "Object of the Institute" caught my eye:
The Institute aims, in its training of all classes for whom it is intended, to send out men and women having at least these seven characteristics:
  1. Genuine and thorough consecration.
  2. Intense love for souls.
  3. A deep and comprehensive knowledge of the Word of God, and especially of how to use it in leading men to Christ.
  4. Willingness to endure hardness as good soldiers of Jesus Christ.
  5. Untiring energy.
  6. Endument [sic] with power by the filling with the Holy Spirit.
Great emphasis is laid upon the development of the spiritual life of the student. If any student should go from the school without a more intimate, personal acquaintance with Jesus Christ, or without more of the power of the Holy Spirit in his life and work, the Institute would have failed in his case at the most important point.

Good legacy... I think it needs to be reviewed and reinstated.


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  1. Yes, Biola has a wonderful history and the emphasis that it places upon spiritual growth is fantastic. It's interesting to consider some our dispensational roots in relation to our new president. Considering that the dispensationalism of our founders included cessationism. It'll be interesting to see how this new hire effects the course of the future for our institution. I think he'll do good, but it kind of makes me laugh to think that Torrey might not have approved of him. I am hopeful though. Biola has a rich heritage and i don't imagine anything compromising it.

  2. It will indeed be interesting, though it is important to note that in recent years the cessationism clause was removed because a team of biblical and theology profs could not support it exegetically. Torrey may have a problem with us already :-)