...and so begins the Sanctify! TNBS quick walk through Matthew's Gospel.

I'm not sure how the splats will go with this book, as the chunks are quite a bit larger than Ephesians. We shall see. We study together on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 pm in Room 202, on the TFB campus (2118 West Carson, Torrance, CA). If you are in the area and have a desire to study the Bible for yourself in the company of others, you are quite welcome to join us.

On with the first splat...

Promised One:
Messiah of Israel.
Davidic King.
Blesser of All Nations.

This one comes:
body odor;
trusting the Father,
living by Spirit;
yet flesh.

Ruling One:
all authority,
all time,
all presence,
all nations.

We worship.
We doubt.
We make disciples.


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