[With a well-crafted introduction, a]s the Scriptures are opened,
the listeners are prepared and eager
to hear how God's truth will speak
to the realities of contemporary life.
page 241, Biblical Preaching, by Donald R. Sunukjian

The shape of the introduction:
  1. Engage--need/curiosity--listener-focused
  2. Focus--timeless takehome truth OR topic/question--message focused
  3. Preview--sermon chunks (use varies)--message focused
  4. Announce--book, chapter, verse (repeat, otherwise be quiet)--text focused

Introductions till the soil to prepare for the seed. Crafted with both listener and text in mind, they help create space for the Spirit to work. An introductions helps create disciples by reducing some obstacles and distractions that may hinder reception. Remembering back to preaching class, two features of the introduction especially caught my eye: engage and announce. The placement of these two pieces is especially important for disciple-making. Starting with "engage" meets the people where they are, catches their ear, and stirs up a need to hear. Ending with "announce" allows the listener to focus on what is being preached rather than on finding the passage and distracting themselves, and emphasizes the importance of the text.


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