JASON CLARK IS MOVING--and you should follow

Jason Clark, whose insights were invaluable in my thesis research, is changing up his blogging location. Web 2.0 stuff will be at http://jasonclark.ws/ and now--yeah!--blogging on Deep Church will be at http://deepchurch.org.uk/

If you're curious about Deep Church--and I think you ought to be--here's a snippet from the site:

What is deep church?

“Deep church is far more than an ecumenical dream of coming together across the barriers of ignorance and predujice: it is predicated upon the central tenets of the gospel held in common by those who have the temerity to be ‘Mere Christians.’ This commonality in the light of post-Enlightenment modernism is greater and more fundamental than the divisions and schisms of church history… Deep Church, as its name implies, is spiritual reality down in the depths - the foundations and structures of the Faith - which feed, sustain and equips us to be disciples of Christ.”

Professor Andrew Walker, Editor of: Remembering our future - explorations in Deep Church, Paternoster, 2007.



  1. You are quite welcome. I'm excited that Deep Church is going to get some posting going. There is truth in the concept that is like water to a thirsty soul--or community of souls, as it were. I look forward to the conversation.