Hunch: What's the best motorcycle for me?

I did this on a whim yesterday and came up with the motorcycle I've been wanting for years (but haven't had the $$ or nerve to buy): 2009 Honda CMX250C Rebel 250.


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  1. #1 Honda Interceptor VFR800FI
    #2 BMW F800ST
    #3 Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R

    #3 was my dream bike for a while, but I figured I'd probably kill myself or get in trouble with the law eventually. I didn't look much at Hondas other than online since the dealership didn't offer test rides. I ended up with #2 and am honestly very pleased - it's a great bike.

    Now I just gotta get you riding. It's inevitable, you realize - just gotta go get your bike!

  2. Yeah, I know. As soon as the cash flow allows.