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Panettone: yummy, but decidedly not #primal on Twitpic
Panettone: un-primal, but darn good


Today is a holiday here in the USA: one involving lots of food (some primal; some not so primal). I freely admit that it is highly likely some grain may pass my lips today (some did yesterday, but it was panettone, one of the breads for which I will go off the primal rails; see above). Thanks to all those who stop by my little, tangentized blog. If you are celebrating this day, celebrate well, don't worry about "working off the dinner" (that doesn't work anyhow; live 80-20 and relax), be present with those around the table, enjoy the football games (or at least don't make faces at those who do), and don't go to be full (it does bad things to your throat).


Anyhow, a bit of a blognote: yesterday, I monetized this blog (I know, I know). Do know, that I either own, use, or have used everything in Laura's Tangentized Associates Store. My promise to my readers is that, aside from the widget in the sidebar, I'll not put distracting bits on the blog. I will, though, place logical links inside posts: for example, if I blog about a dish I made with a particular ingredient or am writing about a particular book, I insert a link to the item in my store. Also, I plan on reviewing some items, so there will be links, and likely widgets, on those posts.

Why did I do this? Well, while blogger is free, not all blogging is free, so I'd like to fill the increasing money hole. Further, I appreciate it when other bloggers share links to good stuff, so I've decided to do the same.

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