Dancing on the space between the disciplines

your POV enriches fallow ground
unrecognized potential

keys clarify reality
mysteries wonder

dialectical arrives at truth unseen
enrapturing souls

extended understanding frees
curiosity given tenure

  • “Assessing Interdisciplinary Learning Outcomes” by A. F. Repko, University of Texas Arlington (pdf)
  • “A Grand Unified Theory of Interdisciplinarity” by L. J. Davis, Chronicle of Higher Education, 53.40 (2007) (pdf)
  • “Interdisciplinarity: An Introduction” by M. Seipel, Truman State University
  • “Negotiating a passage between interdisciplinary boundaries” by K. Wissoker, Chronicle of Higher Education, 46.32 (2000)
  • “Collaborative efforts: Promoting interdisciplinary scholars” by Pfirmian, Collins, Lowes, and Michaels, Chronicle of Higher Education, 51.23 (2005)
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