Worship: When I am alone and when we are together...

  • declaring Christ’s glory to Christ (Cognitive Worship)
  • adoring Christ for who he is (Affective Worship)
  • embodying Christ’s glory in mind, will, and emotion (Behavioral Worship)
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  1. Joy Espinosa2:39 PM

    Do you have more on this thought? I remember so very good conversations with you about worship but it seems you have thought about it much more and I would love to read your thoughts!

  2. Joy,

    I've not thought specifically about worship in a while, doctoral studies being what they are. This popped out this morning, probably due to near constant pondering of educational studies and thinking about our church's focus for next year, which happens to be worship.

    I have no doubts that more will be forthcoming, likely on http://www.whointheworldarewe.com