Realizing, of course, that academic life is not regular as far as the outside world is concerned, Monday, January 31, I return to student status (actually Tuesday, but who's counting). This term is 100% full of Christian Ed classes here at Talbot School of Theology:

Philosophy of Ministry with Jonathan Kim

Investigation into the theological, historical, and philosophical foundations which underlie Christian ministry. Examines the development of educational ministry as a discipline, reflecting on the tradition we have inherited and considering the changing ministry scene. Also includes an investigation of current practices of ministry through an analytical perspective. Designed to help the minister evaluate ministry programs and respond with remedial or enrichment strategies.

Personal/Interpersonal Development with Chisty Morr [adjunct, no faculty link, but she wrote an article for the Christian Education Journal]

Emphasis on personal and interpersonal growth through individual assignments and small group interactions. Opportunity given for spiritual, physical, emotional, mental and relational development.

Internship: educational administration with Jane Carr

Directed experiences in educational ministries conducted through a local church. Praxis in leadership for major educational functions for various age levels.

I have good profs and hope to have a good year, but we shall see (just call me Thomas). Anyhow, I bought the books today and have a list on What I'm Reading. So, if anyone has an opinion on any of the books or suggestions for alternative points of view, please comment away...

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