So, I’m having an amazing case of white page syndrome. Now that the blog is called “Laura’s Writings” I feel the need to be all pithy. Yeah, like I have it all figured out…not really. Okay, so here’re the ramblings on today’s stuff.

I’m working on a lesson series about spiritual conversations. Kinda funny, actually, since I can count on one hand the number of intentional spiritual conversations I’ve had. So, yeah, I’m writing the curriculum to teach myself as much—maybe more than—as to teach others. Feels a bit un-kosher, but so it goes.

At the same time I’m reading Reimagining Spiritual Formation. One of the ideas Doug Pagitt keeps mentioning over and over is the conversation—that he is a member of the community and is in conversation with the other members. He’s not the resident expert who must be attended to. Frankly, makes me wish Minnesota was a bit closer to Southern California—it’d be nice to visit and catch the feel of Solomon’s Porch.

Also at the same time I’m putting the finishing touches on the Bedrock Beliefs course. One question has come up over and over as I’ve written this curriculum: what exactly are the bedrock beliefs and how do they relate to how we actually live? The intersection of mind, will, and emotion in Christ-following has become increasingly apparent as I’ve put together lessons. Just yesterday, I was working on some scenarios for people to respond to in light of theology proper. One of the categories is ‘entertainment’. What kind of entertainment dilemma is informed by the doctrine of the Trinity? Still haven’t figured out that one (ideas welcome, btw).

At the same time, I’m tweaking Tuesday Bible Study. It hasn’t been a traditional bible study for a long time, so I’ve renamed it Bible Discussion—pretty fancy, eh? Subtitled: “Bible study meets hangout. Thirty minutes of random yap followed by directed digging.” We’ll see if we can tweak it to get the potluck feel I think it needs to be. After all, as believers, the students have the Spirit; I’m sure he’s speaking to them, too. Tonight is the first try at the potluck discussion—everybody was supposed to work through Philippians 3:7-14 on their own and bring something to share. I’m bring a picture diagram. We’ll see.

Judging from the three ‘at the same time’ phrases, I’m probably trying to do too much. Not news really. Besides, I still have time to watch Lost, Charmed, a bunch of L & O versions, a bunch of CSI versions, NCIS, Battlestar Galactica (jury's still out), Andromeda, and Stargate SG1. (The aforementioned list is why I do my homework on the train and at the Bristol Farms patio—no TV). ‘Nuff said.

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