SUMMING UP A YEAR... or at least one aspect...

[the official tfb college page from the Torrance First Baptist 2004 Annual Report]

Know the Story… Be the People… Expand the Kingdom

In 2004, the college group went bowling, watched movies, went to College Briefing at Forest Home, had a great Christmas Soiree, and a December all-nighter complete with five power outages, a tornado watch, and ditch-em with the Youth Group. We studied the Gospel of Mark, the OT Story, Bonhoeffer’s book Life Together, how to build a front porch, and much more. But that is not the story of 2004.

The real story is ministry. TFB college students serve TFB in youth ministry, worship leading, Loaves and Fishes, children’s ministries, and the 90th anniversary celebration. Many also serve while away at college.

What happens during Sunday Collegium and Tuesday Bible Study is support for the work of ministry. Sunday Collegium consists of about fifteen minutes of random yapping, followed by 45 minutes of tangent-surfing, bible searching, and action planning. On Tuesday nights, Bible study meets hangout. We start with thirty minutes of random yap, followed by directed Bible digging (usually a paragraph by paragraph book study).

Bottom line: TFB College Ministry about three things: knowing the story, being the people, and expanding the kingdom. Knowing the story means not only being aware of the facts of the Bible, but also understanding what it all has to do with us. Being the people means figuring out how to live life as a community of faith, clearly declaring Christ in our choices as individuals and as a community. Expanding the kingdom has two parts. First, it means becoming better disciples. Second, it means making disciples.

In 2004, we took the first haltering steps on this three-fold journey. There is much to be done and at times the road ahead is not easy to see. College ministry can be random; with two-thirds of our students going away to school, students moving on, and new students every summer, change is a constant. We appreciate all those who have lifted this ministry up in prayer and have served our students. A special thank you to Tom W who concluded his service this past fall, moving on to adult ministry.

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