new embryonic stem cell research guidelines recommend "that embryos be grown in culture no longer than 14 days."

What empirical research came up with 14 days as the boundary between humanness and non-humanness? Anyone?

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ADDED April 29:

I find the contrast in these two headlines very tragic.

Ivory-Billed Woodpecker Rediscovered in Arkansas
Report Outlines Ethics of Stem-Cell Research

Scientists have spent time and money in valiant efforts to protect what was considered an extinct bird: the Ivory-billed Woodpecker. This is commendable, for God has given humanity responsibility for the earth (Gen 1:26-27). Scientists have also spent time and money determining what guidelines should be agreed to in using human embryos for stem-cell research. How is it possible that birds require a safe environment and governmental protection, while human embryos require guidelines for “ethical homicide”?


  1. they were, and still are i suppose, doing this in England back in 1985. this was for the purpose of genetic engineering. they were also combining human and animal cells, but could only allow those to grow for 14 days before freezing them. the brave new world isn't really that new, and more frightening than brave huh?

  2. Makes me wonder how many hundreds of frozen humans there are... scary.