Christianity has many trappings, whether you are in a 'smells and bells' tradition or not, and frankly too often we trust those trappings and forget reality. Reality is that Christianity, as it is perceived by insiders and outsiders, is a mixed bag. The same Christianity that boasts Billy Graham and Mother Theresa must also confess holocaust silence and crusade culpability. Only one thing is important: Jesus—incarnated, crucified, resurrected, and reigning. So, if the term “Christianity” causes a genuine seeker to miss Jesus, do we dump the term? downplay the term? try to explain the term?


  1. I have been wondering the same. I wonder - why are we so worried about the term - either way ditching it or defending it? Words can be messy. I think we also must remember that they are merely labels. Let us try to figure out how to truly communicate who Christ is, using the labels/descripters relevant to the situation at hand.

  2. Agreed. I actually remember having a conversation as to whether someone could be saved without knowing Jesus as "Jesus"--you know, the English transliteration of a Greek word that's a transliteration of a Hebrew word. Get a grip, people! Erg!

    Seems to me that dealing in meanings and understandings is so much more important.

  3. Amen! Sometimes I wish I could just give someone a true glimpse of Christ's heart. Of course that would mean me truly understanding first, or at least somehow being the vessel to do so. If we could just focus on that, so much of our issues and problems could be melted into the background!