COMMENCEMENT BLESSING... all my fellow Talbotians (my term) who this very evening pass over the stage into a post-seminary life. Soon the hardships and annoyances will fade and hopefully what will remain is friends, crucial learning, and the steadfastness to complete what has begun.

It has been a lot of hard work--not all fun, but hopefully good. Live well. Follow God. Rest. Read as you wish (and as you should). Love the flock. Invest time. Play. Worship. Listen (especially to those you do not wish to hear). Above all, remember who you are and whose you are.

I follow you across the stage, December 16, 2005, or thereabouts
(though only to a post-Master of Divinity life, but that is by choice...and calling).

Finally, to quote Augustine, "Love God and do as you wish."

I will most likely be in a blog-free zone until June 2. So, until then, I fare thee well...


  1. Where are you, it is now the third. I have missed you. It is bad enough not to be seeing you in class, could you put a shout out on your blog...

  2. Work got busy--I was only in the office one day due to training, etc. I'm back with pix and stuff. Profundities soon to come... :-)