Straight from the Saddleback Family website. Do they have any idea how dorky it is to have "recovery dogs" and "denial burgers"? I'm sorry, but in a church that size, you'd think there would be someone with common sense and artistic savvy. Bleh.

Saddleback Church: "6:00-7:00 p.m. - BBQ Dinner. Join us on the lower Patio by Tent 3 for BBQ Dinner. Good food, great prices, awesome fellowship! We will be serving our favorites!

* Recovery Dogs
* Denial Burgers
* 12 Step Chicken
* Serenity Sausage

All dinners include entre', chips, salad and a soft drink."

Now, I'm pro-Celebrate Recovery. It makes a much needed correction to the "higher power" notion of (the otherwise good) AA, and, frankly, it helps people that the church has forgotten, or worse. But come on! Recovery dogs????

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