SmartChristian Blog I’M NOT INTERESTED IN SMALL GROUPS: "To tell you the truth, I’m not interested in small groups per say, I’m interest in BIBLICAL COMMUNITY LIFE. "

yeah... like he said! This puts words to what we're attempting in the college Tuesday group. It's a darn bumpy road, complete with transient population, preconceived notions, misconceptions, and such. If someone were to visit who only had "traditional" small group experience, they would be utterly aghast at the randomness, tangetizing, chaos. Me? Just when I think it's a total mess, something happens to remind me that it's not actually about me, that I'm not actually in control, and that God will do with us what he wants. Last Tuesday was tough. A bunch of new folks and total awkwardness. Yesterday was cool. A bunch of new folks and community. What made the difference? Don't know. Maybe my expectations. Maybe theirs. Maybe something else. Not sure, but I'll keep going. There is something about this that is right. People caring for one another--getting off the couch to help the new folks find their way around the gospels. Grabbing waters for others. Offering a hug after an incredibly difficult prayer request. Realizing on their own that the older ones must walk alongside the younger ones. Yup. Good stuff.

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