PSALM 119 MEDITATION: WEEK FOUR My soul clings to the dust

Verses 25-32


July 6: Final entry: Verses 25-32 gives us look at God-following through the binoculars of grace and effort. The psalmist makes it clear that all is from God and is God's doing, but he also speaks of his efforts and commitment. I think discipleship is still like that. Our salvation is worked out in the dance between us and God. It is his work. It is our work. The two are inseparable.

July 5: Verse 30, the post-sorrow strengthening of verse 28 is followed by moral strengthening. Maybe the sorrow is over his own inability.

July 4: Verse 28, "my soul melts for sorrow." Why is the psalmist's soul melting? The attackers? His own moral inability?

July 3: In verse 26, the occasion is the psalmist's confession. In verse 32, the occasion is God's enlarging the psalmist's heart.

July 2: In verse 26, the psalmist speaks of the source of his assurance for his demands is in the dance between his telling (confessing) and God's answering.

July 1: Part of my meditation process is highlighting the verbs. I use yellow for psalmist's action and green for Yahweh's action. I noticed this morning that in verses 25-32, the psalmist and Yahweh engage in an intertwining dance. The actions of both are interwoven and related such that removing the action of one makes the entire endeavor null. In our interactions with God, we and he are necessary participants. This is not a dictatorship on God's part nor a science experiement on ours. It is romance--a messy, intertwined, rhythmic dance.

June 30: This past Sunday, one of our missionaries was speaking and shared the custom of face-down greetings. As I read the passage this morning, that is the image that came to mind for verse 25: "My soul clings to the dust..."

All verses are quoted from the ESV.

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