First, let me admit that I have not read--nor will I likely read--any Harry Potter book.

Second, probably the primary reason for this is a certain dislike of the overly popular.

Third, a more important reason is very well stated by Not Quite Art, Not Quite Living

What concerns me most about the Harry Potter series is not the attitude toward the supernatural is the attitude toward ethics. The Potter series is, I think, typical of its surrounding culture in its self-centered and ends-justify-means approach to morality. What is most dangerous around this harbour that so many children find attractive, are not the rocks that are obvious, like the acceptance of witchcraft, but the rocks below the surface.

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  1. I believe you are missing the whole morality play in Harry Potter, but that's not surprising considering you are basing you opinions on something you haven't read. Not to worry, you are certainly not the first person these days to do something like that.
    The morality being taught in these books (yes, I've read them all) is about fighting on the side of good. It's about doing hard work. It's about protecting your friends and the people who love you. It's about learning about actions and their consequences.
    Finally, just like other books that some people are distirbed by (ie: The DaVince Code), always keep this in mind: it's fiction !
    And give our children, and the adults reading the book, some credit in that they realize this.
    Blessed Be.

  2. As I said, my primary reason is a dislike for the instantaneously popular. Call it a knee jerk response (or just a jerk response...:-). Frankly, I'm in graduate school and have very little time to spend on extra reading. I've been concentrating on classics. Maybe someday I'll give Potter a read. Unlikely, but ya never know...

    For the record, fiction is one of the most powerful ways to influence society, changing its beliefs and behaviors. There is no such thing as "just fiction".

    Thanks for the comments.