Health News Article | Reuters.co.uk: "Among women with an unwanted pregnancy, those who carry the pregnancy to term are more likely to experience later depression than those who terminate the pregnancy with an abortion, new study findings suggest."

Just another reason why an argument based on the effect to the mother is NOT the strong pro-life argument. If people do not value life as life, then no argument is strong enough.



  1. Are you going to vote on the proposition that requires minors to have parental approval to get an abortion?

  2. I am of the opinion that minors need parental/guardian approval for ANY medical procedure. Even setting aside my radical pro-life viewpoint, I would hold to this. Abortion has been exempted from this rule for political reasons. If we treat abortion as a simple medical procedure--to which the pro-choice hold--then minors must obtain parental approval.

    As far as this particular law, I've yet to read it for fine print, so I'm not sure.