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GodBlogCon God Blog Convention

101305 So far...

coffee and chat in the Buss patio, a bit of orientation (AKA welcome to Biola and, by the way, ain't Torrey great!), and then dinner (in the ever popular Biola cafe--which has marvy food).

101305 The grand opening session with John Mark Reynolds.

jmr thursday pm
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First : Is it okay to be excited about blogging?
Second: Live or preserved performance?

Preserved performance:
  • frozen: authorial intent isn't all there is in a performance
  • no way to monitor harmful information
  • text or performance cannot defend itself (public displays of beauty invite public displays of profanation)
  • permanent: community and argument can build together
  • extension of an idea
  • community of experts--one person cannot do what a community can do

101405 First Plenary: Dr. Andrew Jackson, Joe Carter, and David Wayne.

plenary3 fri am
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"...all of life is lived before the face of God..." RC Sproul

blogging is
to serve others
an extension of who we are
a calling of God

the printing press --> systematic theology
the blogosphere-->dialogical theology

We are in the middle of it and don't really know what's going on.

We need a theology of blogging: how it should be used, the limitations, and the effect on culture.

101405 Breakout I: Blogging for Pastors, Dr. Tod Bolsinger and Dr. Mark D. Roberts

Are you a pastor who blogs or a blogger who pastors?

This session stirred up a number of thoughts:

What is my purpose in blogging? How does it fit with my ministry? First part of an answer to this is to ponder the parts of my ministry:
  • collegians
  • ecclesiology
  • worship
  • artistic expression
  • the People of God
Questions to answer later:

  • Who am I?
  • What is my voice?
  • What can I contribute?
  • How can my blogging enrich my ministry in the TFB College Ministry, in the band, in Talbot, etc?
101405 Plenary II: Dr. Andrew Jackson, Joe Carter, and David Wayne.

I think the bottomlines to this rather random panel discussion are these:
  • We should focus our energies on the deeper issues rather than on symptoms.
  • We should start with a theology of blogging, which at the very least means that it happens in community.



  1. Whoa... deep, left with confusion and admiration.

  2. I left okay. It was only later that I realized how much of a theonerd I must be... I actually understood. That is scary in itself. I also left with a deep admiration--now I know why Torrey students admire JMR.