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Friday night panel 4
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101405 Panel Discussion: John Mark Reynolds, Mark D Roberts, and Tod Bolsinger; moderated by Hugh Hewitt

  • Hewitt--how to get traffic
  • Take one topic deep and have broad knowledge
  • Take care of your tone
[this panel discussion was a bit engaging--a good thing--so I forgot to write down the questions--oops--these are the things that stuck in my mind]

Tod: The church re-presents Christ on earth
John Mark: life from the perspective of a Christian philosopher
  • thoughtful self-disclosure
  • be careful what you say
  • ask youself hard questions and deal with them
Mark: key passage is 'speaking the truth in love'

Tod: write and then wait before posting

John Mark: treat detractors like David did in 2 Samuel 16

Who should not blog?

John Mark
  • You have something to say taht the world must hear
  • You don't want to dialogue
  • You can't make any strong statements about anything
  • You blog as an escape
  • Your family needs your time
  • You have a hard time dealing with anger
  • You are a perfectionist
  • You don't care about words and grammar
  • You are not called to a writing ministry
  • You are not blogging as part of your Christian community
101505 Theology Blogging, David Wayne

What is theology?

  • stance, not merely study
  • anytime you say anything that isnot a direct quote of Scripture, you are doing theology
  • theology is an ongoing task

How do we do theology?

1. Exegesis
  • the particular passage
  • redemptive historical interpretation
  • topical (systematic)
2. Community
  • private judgment
  • present representatives
  • heritage

3. Christian Living

Thanks to Mark Olson and Brenda McGill for helpful rides and good conversation! It was great meeting you both and thanks for helping me in my carless condition.



  1. I thought that the panel discussion on Friday night was great! Thanks for your summary and for taking and posting the picture.

    Blessings in Christ,
    Mark Daniels

  2. It certainly started me thinking about my blog and how I might make it more effective for my students, especially.

  3. Laura, glad to see another flickrite there at GodBlogCon, sorry we didn't have more time to chat and hang out :(