First off, I'm not much of a movie goer or reviewer, nor am I much for details ...nonetheless, here goes:

This is one of the best depictions of the human search for transcendence-this-side-of-God that I have ever seen. We follow this young man as he deals with failure and death, all the while meeting a young woman who accept him as he is, but does not leave him there. In one scene, they are kissing and through a small gap left between them we see his father's urn: death and life intertwined. In the end, we see something happen to his soul--he moves from death to life.

Yet, this search for transcendence is very clearly just this side of God, for God gets no air time. But do not let that deter you, for what is shown here is no less than the closest humans can get to transcendence without arriving. As one who follows God in the way of Jesus, I found Elizabethtown to be covered with God's fingerprints, yet also covered with the sad, uncrossable distance that humanity has chosen to put between itself and God.

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