Evaluation often hinges on perspective. This is just a picture of a farebox and a bus, but the interplay of light and shadow make it art--at least for me. You may have a different evaluation. In either case, the actual picture does not change. The facts of it remain the same, regardless of our evaluation.

Recently we had a budget vote at TFB. There are at least two evaluations flying around--likely more, given we're Baptist. There are evaluations of the motivations behind the changes, evaluations of the proportion of money alloted to different ministries, evaluations of the process itself. The fact is, that regardless of these evaluations, there is a truth that remains unchanged. The motivations behind the budget are what they are--whether believed or not and whether known or not. The proportions are what they are--whether we like it or not--and remain unless changed in fact. The process is what it is--whether we love Robert's Rules of Order or would rather lose them in a deep dark place--and what has happened has happened--whether we know all of the facts or they remain hidden.

As is normally the case in such things, opinion flows freely, complaints are made to one's friends--rarely to the persons most in a position to know the truth--and the real work of God is set aside because we're having our little internal squabble.

Sunday night, speaking with the chairman of the board, I mentioned that the church is necessarily one--whether it looks like it or not and whether we know it or not. Because that is the case, any time dissention occurs, damage occurs. You cannot split an apple without doing it damage. It is the nature of the thing. Our unity is a fact, grounded in Christ alone and not our agreement with--or even friendship with--one another. That is the nature of the thing. We are one. We can choose to behave this way. Or we can act as divided and do ourselves the the work of God great damage.

We choose.

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  1. What happened at the business meeting?

  2. Short and sweet--here online--the vote was VERY close, with some interesting discussion about the proposed pastor position (outreach and discipleship).