It's official. The peak from GodBlogCon is over. That's okay.

The readership--or rather viewership--has gone down, but what I learned remains. I continue to work on the idea of using the blog--or rather wiki--to work out what I'll be teaching. Also, I started a more focused blog called "Who in the world are we?" as a place to discuss ecclesiology in the coming months and years of my impending Master of Theology program. Not much there yet, but soon.

Honesly, I wouldn't mind having more readers. But I try not to dwell; dwelling on readership distracts me from my purpose: thinking outloud. Posted by Picasa


  1. I know the feeling - try receiving an instalanche and see how it makes you feel. I got one back in June when Instapundit linked to an article of mine. Two Thousand readers later, my ego and blog were on top of the world.

    Sure stinks going back down to reality. But it is nice to get recognized.

    Makes me want to blog better.

  2. Peaks are addictive. We had one at Useless Advice. Got picked up by a national website and got 5000 hits in one day. Previously we were receiving 40.

    But two weeks later, we are back to about 80 hits a day.

    In the end, we may have doubled our average readership.

  3. As soon as I saw the peak from GodBlogCon I reminded myself that it was a fluke. Hopefully the readership will stay up a bit--but even in saying that I wonder if I've fallen into the trap of thinking my own words are so utterly profound that people will, of course, need to hear them. The whole thing is wacky. There is truth to the kingdom benefits of readership, but the thing is always mixed with that pesky self-worship that so completely infects humanity. Bleh!