Rev. 111005

  • 1:1-3 Introduction
  • 1:4-6 Letter beginning
  • 1:7-8 Prophecy
  • 1:9-22:5 Visions
  • 22:6-20 Prophecy
  • 22:21 Letter ending

If you look at the structure of Revelation, there appears to be an intentional inclusio (sandwich). If that is the case, then the content of the repeated portions can give us insight into the author's purpose for the book. Tuesday, November 8, the Gathering took a look and came up with the following list of important ideas:
  • Coming
  • Listen!
  • Obey!
  • Worship
  • God is!
  • John as witness
  • God is faithful
  • Blessing

Thursday morning, while reading over 7:9-8:5, a possible 'center' emerged:
God is worthy.
God is in charge.
God's people are safe.
His enemies are not.

If these ideas are clues to understanding the Revelation, how should we interpret the visions in 1:9-22:5?


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