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This is a dandelion. For some--many--it is a weed, something to be sought out and destroyed. Maybe.

But the essence of the dandelion is 'flower' not 'weed'. If we take the dandelion in its own context, it is a plant created by God and having beauty. It is the history of interpretation that tells us the dandelion is a weed.

The same thing happens when we look at Scripture. We come with our filters and see there what our tradition of interpretation tells us. For example, there is a tradition of interpretation that takes many of the metaphors in Revelation and interprets them as referring to the church, even when there is not clear textual evidence to support this. Another example is those who interpret the headship of the husband as 'being the boss of the wife' when Ephesians 5 says no such thing. According to that passage, whatever 'headship' means it is surely related to loving the wife as Christ loved the church.

So, let us all declare our filters. Let us all try to look at the Word with fresh eyes and let us not blindly follow our teachers--whoever they may be and however educated they may be.

Let us all finally realize that the dandelion is in its essence a flower and that the Word of God is its own best interpreter. Let us look at the text itself.

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