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Well, here I am happily holding the folder containing the form to fill out in order to receive the diploma. It has been a long six and one-half years--the last one and a half being the longest. Near the end of my program I began to long for the opportunity to narrow my focus. The M.Div. is necessarily broad--I have taken a class from every discipline at Talbot (except Spiritual Formation--bummer that--and Moral and Philosophical Theology--which I'm okay with). The next degree is considerably more narrow. Of the 26 units in the Th.M., 6 are off-topic and 20 are on-topic.

One person has expressed some concern that I'm not taking much of a break. This is true, but honestly, I'm so ready to study ecclesiology, that I would do it even if I weren't taking courses. So, I might as well take courses.

BTW, from now until who knows when, I'll be blogging on ecclesiologyat Who in the world are we? )about weekly).


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  1. Congratulations! It's a wonderful accomplishment.