Today at collegium we looked at the question, "How does a worship planner/curator go about making space for worship in a gathering? Especially, how can the worship be kept corporate rather than individuals who happen to be in the same room?"

While a one-hour session cannot answer this question, there are a few insights gleaned:
- Notions of style, idea, and intention all go into creating flow.
- the structure tells worshipers what to do, why to do it, and how to do it. This can be mechanical, but it should not be.
- Make space for response after teaching times.
- Use time to help worshipers journey to worship. Do not expect them to be able to focus on God straight away.
- Know what you intend before trying to figure out how to get there.
- People cannot focus solely on God for extended periods (maybe once in awhile, but humanness mostly gets in the way). So, worship must ebb and flow between worship and other movements like praise, thanks, confession, petition, learning, reflecting, etc.
- Especially for Christians in the west, individualism come very easily. Make space for it in worship times, but focus on corporate worship and how to make that happen.

Next Sunday (12/11) we'll be looking at Psalm 29 as a possible core for a worship experienc we're planning in January.

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