The collegium of the TFB College Ministry is working on a worship experience based on Psalm 29. Here are some thoughts on the psalm:

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Yahweh is more terrifying than the most terrifying thing we can imagine. His glory and strength are too great for us to imagine. All we get are glimpses and notions, mere shadows of what we shall know face to face. With a word—with one intentionalized thought—Yahweh made the worlds. Our entire empirical existence is but a speck. Yet he has decided to tend his heart toward his people. He has set his steadfast love upon his people and his people can do nothing to escape.

His mercy understands our rebellious reluctance. His grace understands our existential poverty. His strength understands that only he can bless us with shalom. He decided to tend his heart toward us. How can we not fall on our faces in the splendor of his holiness?

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