minor updates in spelling, etc 9/20/2007

I'll do a more extensive reflection later, after grades are in and my papers are returned. For now, on this first Saturday after the last week of my first term in the Th.M. program I set for myself two related intentions:

(1) I intend to discover and master the monkey bars.
There are truths that are steadfast and immovable. While we may not know them completely, yet we can know them with certainty--with the certainty of faith. I intend to work hard to discover these truths and learn them well. This is one part of my mastery.
(2) I intend to learn how to dance.
There is skill in thinking theologically, trusting the steadfast and immovable truths and having the skill and passion to play and create. These truths have implications and applications that, like dancing on the monkey bars, are intimately related to that which is steadfast and also intimately related to the theologian and his/her community. I intend to master these truths, master the skills, and then dance.
So, I challenge myself to learn to dance on the monkey bars. I challenge others to join me.

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