LITTLE SIDE TRIP TO WORK TODAY - Downey Car Crash Shuts Down Metro Green Line: "Car traffic and train service were backed up Monday in Downey, where a car overturned onto Metrolink tracks running
through a freeway center divider."

So, we're in the Greenline train at Rosa Parks and we hear this garbled message of the loudspeaker telling us, as far as we could determine, that the train would be stopping at Long Beach due to... who knew what. So, I got off the train and went down to catch the 121. But there were two busloads of people waiting for an already full 121. I'm not doing the sardine thing. Instead, I hopped on the Blue Line (which apparently had it's own trouble) and went to Compton Station to catch the favored 125--which arrived just as I did. Only an hour late. Not bad.


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