“And this is the promise which he himself promised us:
the life unending.”

1 John 2:25 lks

Funny, how the pendulum swings. We focus on intellect, emotions, or actions. Some emphasize one to the detriment of the others. Any way you cut it, all this emphasizing misses the point. The point is to remain. We are to remain in God. We are to remain in what we know from God. We are to remain in how God wants us to behave.

Emotion, intellect, and action are included, but they are the means, not the point. The point is to remain. The point is life: the sort of life a great, extravagant God created for us.

All the pleasurable indulgences are actually pleasurable. Let us not kid ourselves about that. They are pleasurable, but they are insufficient. They are a distortion of a reality that, outside of trust in God, is too satisfying to bear.

God, we live here. That distracts us. Too often we run headlong after pleasures that are pale imitations of your reality. We confess that this is sin. And we ask your grace, so we might have the courage to remain.


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